Jun 22, 2006

Y&R - Thursday : PunchPow!

Even brain damage can't suppress the power of the Black Tee.


Victor: Nikki! Nikkidarling, lookit what I got forJagAbbott.
Oh. What is it?
A puppy! Likemypuppy, notasgoodasmypuppy Zapato! butveryverygood!
Ah, and what is her name?

One day I will stop mocking HappyFunVictor. That day is far off in the future so eat it, bitches!

Sharon is so...so...so...remedial. Sure, she likes when a stiff dick is in her but gets all wishy washy and angsty afterwards. Stop having sex and immediately regretting it, you dim broad! I realize I might sound like a mysoginis but really I'm not (Paul is a ShinyChestedBitch for one and where is he? I need him back, this blog is nothing without some SCB mockery). I'm just sick of her shit. If she had some Great Grand Plan to punish Nick I could get behind that, it would show a focus she has never exhibited before and give her character some purpose, but no, since this is Sharon she's got to go from one extreme to the other. "I HATE YOU NICK! No, no wait, I mean I hate cottage cheese. No wait, I WAS talking about you! Fuck me Brad. I mean, don't, make love. No no no! Yes! Marco! Polo!"

Victoria: Hi Mama!
Me: Oh my GAWD. DIEDIEDIE! Diedeediediedeediedie. Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!

Nikki looked like a flight attendant in that getup. Not cute. And ClackClack's fucking snowflake blouse. Did--did she not notice the holes in her shirt? What the hell is wrong with her? Seriously, Heather Tom wouldn't have stood for this shit.

However Phyllis' Veronica Lake hair was very attractive.

I know Phyllis and Jack are getting along but the way Phyllis said "conference room" and Jack said "I'll meet you there" and then she said "I'll setup." HOT. I swear the conference room is a euphemism for "Straight Bangin'". At least it should be. I'm going to conference you in the conference room.

I'm gonna conference all over you face.

And let me be honest, my recording stopped at the :37 minute mark so this isn't as extensive as I'd like. I bet Zapato pissed on my DVR.


kia12 said...

"Hi Mama." Like Lindsay on Arrested Development. Only not funny.

crc@SON said...

Please don't stop mocking HappyFunVictor. LOL!

LOL at the boxing photo. You seriously have to mock Victor and the punching bag one of these days. BOOP! BOOP! BOOP! LOL!