Jun 26, 2006

Y&R - Monday : Turbulence

The lips say no...

The eyes say "Fuck me. Fuck me raw. Flip me over. Flip me forwards. Up. Down. Sideways. Around. SWIRL! Swirl, motherfucker, swirl! That's right! Make me scream! YES! YES! Harder! Now slow it down. Slow it down...then speed it up! SPEED. IT. UP! Awwwww, yeah, booooy!"

I'm not a "fan" of Phylick but they have a nice sexual chemistry. And I can imagine Nick grabbing Phyllis and them causing a hell of a lot of turbulence up on Fuck Me Air. Bing Bang Crash.

But but BUT that fantasy shit? Listen, listen, Lynn. Sit down. Have a seat. Sit. Lynn, this ain't a request, have a fucking seat. Thank you. This is The Young and The Restless, if you want Days of Our Lives go over two dials. We--and I speak for the entire viewing audience, they have my back--won't stand for that fantasy BS. Won't stand for it.

Speaking of BS, Brad and Sharon, I'm gonna ship you a gallon of Shut The Fuck Up. I want you to drink it fast and drink it well. Fucking buzzards. Victor isn't hearing buzzing, he's hearing the ramblings of BradBot and Skank Nation.

Victor: Idonotunderstand! I do dis out of loveformybeautifulNikki! She is--sheismyreasonfortheseason! I--I donotknowlifewithouther, you know thatJagAbbott! I make her snow--waitforit--flowers! Imakehersnowflowers! She will forgivemethen!

Even while mentally incapacitated Victor still fucks up Nikki's business dealings. It must be instinct.

Kevin: You guys, YOU GUYS! Okay, okay, you guys, I just got off the telegraph with the Wright Brothers, they totally think this whole "flying" thing could work! Huzzah!

Ashley observes Kevin and his minimal, 1999 computer skills. He's probably using VB 5.0! LOL! W00t!



tina said...

Yes, yes, YES. Phylick is VERY hot. Best chemistry I've seen on Y&R in a long, long time. I love how much they laugh together, too. Why Nick wants his marriage to Sharon and her awful hair to work is completely beyond me. Especially when you throw their horrible, horrible child into the mix. Go Phylick!

Demig said...

If you think you saw F-me eyes, before, wait until you see todays US episode.

Darn said...

Shit, you're right. The Fuck Me thing WAS so premature. I mean, they went there. On the show. During daytime. Talk of screaming names and whatnot.