Jun 12, 2006

Y&R - Monday

Paul: Maybe we should just give--
Paul, don't tell me you're thinking of giving up!
Paul: Well, gosh, I dunno JT, detectivating is haaaaard!
JT: Look at me, look at me damn you!
Paul: Nuh--No!
JT: Paul, look at me!

[JT grabs Paul's face in his hands, Paul tries to pull away but can't]

Paul: I--I--NUH!
JT: Dammit, Paul, you're stronger than this! We're stronger than this!
Paul: But--but reading! And looking!
JT: I can't do this alone!
Paul: Forget about me, JT! Leave me here! I want to die with dignity!
Honestly, who's the pro and who's the apprentice? Who's the top and who's the bottom here?!

Daniel and Lily are a surplus of adorable. Lily saying "We are going to Fineline" in a little sing-song voice. Siiiiiiigh. But wait, Lily and Daniel have to leave their loveshack in order to shower and eat and change clothes? Convenient!

Lily, Solid Gold dancer! Or Soul Train reject? U decide!

Nice making your best friend look like some crack-addled tart, Colleen. I don't think there's any denying that Davetta Sherwood has an adorable figure but between her fantasy prom dress (silvery blue, apparently painted on her and with a white fur shawl. Where is Huggy Bear when you need him?) and the shimmery dress of relentless whoratude it looks like someone seriously hates her.

I love how all these uberrich people have all these shitty little parties. Balloons at the coffee house. And you make how much a year, Neil?

Watching Brad and Sharon scenes is like looking into a microscope and studying the
strain of some venereal disease. She's skanky but I never found her slimey, now she's all slimey and mean and nasty all the time. Brad's brand of grease has rubbed off on her. It's not cute.

Brad: I think we look quite dashing.
Sharon: I agree with whatever you say!
Brad: Of course I am incapable of carrying venereal diseases as my self-protection system kills any intruders.
Sharon: Hey, what are we drinking?
Brad: Battery fluid.
Sharon: Mmm, tastes like crotch!


smartyshorts said...

Dammit, I wet myself a little there. "Tastes like crotch" indeed!
I liked lily's shimmery barely legal dress. It seems like something she'd wear, having been among the Paris fashion scene most of her life.
As for JT and paul, let the bitch slapping begin!

Darn said...

Thank you so much for responding, smartyshorts! Everyone at TWOP has been so nice with encouraging me in this, I just hope I can keep it up and not disappoint.

kia112 said...

Awwwwwww yeah. Your blogs are gonna be better than Christmas; I can tell.

kel said...


You are fucking BRILLIANT. Hope to see this daily. :)

Arugula said...

Awwww yyyyyeah. Go Darn! Go Darn!

Hee! I can't wait to see what you've got for us next.


Darn said...

Aw, you guys are AWESOME! Thank you so much! You have no idea how much I appreciate all of this.

If things go as planned this week I should have a little project ready to post. I hope it turns out as well as I'd like.

Daily fan said...

Hey Darn,
I'm not a member to TWOP, but I love reading the comments there. Too Funny! I'm a huge Daniel/Lily fan and love what you say about them. I look forward to more of this blog!

Arugula said...

Hey, we'll know you've hit the big time when you're showing ads for: housewives who are just THRILLED that their clothes have that spring-fresh smell, indigestion, what to do when you're itching DOWN THERE, and Ambien and Lunesta. (All the ads I see in FF mode when I watch Y&R on my TiVo)

Darn said...

Haha! I can't wait til the ads start reflecting the content (BTW click to your heart's content, I'd like to see if this internet advertising even works). I'm sure we'll have a shitload of "itching DOWN THERE" ads.

daily fan, you can look forward to a lot more daily love, they're my guilty pleasure.

Janie said...

I love how all these uberrich people have all these shitty little parties.

THANK you! And how they always eat at the same two places--the GCAC and the coffee house. What is that?