Jun 23, 2006

Y&R - Friday : Shenanigans!

Note: No Y&R for me today, due to my own stupidity I didn't tape. Anyway, a few weeks ago on TWoP some brilliant, brilliant posters decided to honor this ridiculous and wondrous show with a poem. I take no credit for this, this is all them, I merely want to share the love.


Once upon a time in Genoa City,
there lived a spokesmodel
who acted quite shitty.

Her husband cheated on her,
with a redhead who's cuter,
so Sharon got even,
and showed a Cylon her cooter.

"Naw, naw, baby, it's supposed to glow like that. Protection? No, but I do have a plan."

They met in New York,
her hair looked so fake,
her bodice was ripped,
they ate porterhouse steak.

Now Sharon is home,
and we have Noah to thank,
that Nick's marriage isn't over
to this two-bit skank.

jparnell313 continues...

Nick thought he'd be happy
like Bobby McPharin
but he will be miserable
staying married to Sharin

"Fuck that shit. I'm worried as hell! He's got a plan, y'all!"

Playing fake nice but
acting passive aggressive
because she can't get over
her Bradley obsession

is too stupid to notice
that her marriage with Brad
is already hopeless....

smartyshorts finishes off...

Way too concerned with
Her Boogie Bugle Boy Bradley
ClackClackNarmFace has become
A patsy, sadly

The Andrews Sisters would like to personally thank Victoria Newman for setting back the Women's Movement 20 years:
"Victoria Newman."
"Victoria Newman!"
"I'm not a man! I don't understand."

No reason his secret
can't be found out in a wink
Other than the stup-osity
Of that Shiny Bitch and his Twink!


janie said...

Not for the first time, TWoP posters are brilliant.

The SBTBP/AS said...

Oh how I wish I could have contributed to this.