Jun 16, 2006

Y&R - Friday

CBS Daytime in Association with Sony Pictures and Bell Productions presents…

"Hi Victor!"

"Hehe, hi Victor!"

" Hiiii Victor!"


"HI VICTOR!!!!!"

"Oh, you guys...Hiiiiiiiii! Ihavemyself a puppy, have you seen him? Heisacutepuppyagoodpuppyyouareagoodpuppyaren'tyou--who's a good puppy? IcallhimZapato! Thatisagoodname,right? Yousayitwithme, yes? ZAPATO!"


I swear to God the entire cast could have spontaneously combusted and I wouldn't have noticed anything else. Just...frightening yet somehow comforting and endearing and something I want more of yet completely, utterly, irreparably traumatizing.


kel said...

*dies laughing*


*is ded*

jase said...

That is genius and I hate you.

Darn said...

Oh crap, I killed kel.

All part of my eleborate plan, create blog, kill kel. I am victorious!

kel said...

*revives self*

Still, brilliance. I couldn't stay dead. I have to see what you come up with next. ;)

Darn said...

Curses, foiled again! :)

crc@SON said...

This is my umpteenth time reading this and it's still hilarious!

Darn said...

Heh, thanks! Tell your friends!

Alin said...

lol so funny.