Jun 21, 2006

Y&R - Wednesday : Spotting The Dick

Before we begin, a game
(click on the pic)

It's not that Brad steals identities, he simply has a propensity for baseball team photos.

Is Victoria...wearing...a giant...apron? Aw hell. Enough of you, ClackClack. You and your peasant tops and giant apron-like dresses. Looking like a damn fool in front of company.

Noah: So mom, should I call Mr. Carlton "Uncle Brad" now?
Sharon: Oh! Oh, no, no. Call him daddy. I do! Ladeeda.

Look at how angry Lil'Bastard (tm jparnell313) gets, he's gonna fuck that shit up! Fuck that shit up, what? FUCK THAT SHIT UP, WHAT?! Imagine that on beat and "rapped" like Mystikal. Much funnier that way. In my head.

Nick: What's wrong?
Sharon: Nothing. I mean, something. I'm confused.
Me: When are you not confused? You're simple is what you are.

Ewwww to Nick and Sharon. Two attractive people kissing should not alert my Gross-O-Meter. But they're...just wrong now.

Now I love this HappyFunVictor, love this story, Eric Braeden is impressing me for the first time in years (seriously, it's the most challenging story he's had in years and he's hitting every scene out of the ballpark, could anyone see Maurice Benard willing to play dumb? I see an Emmy nom in his future, I'd love to see EB and Peter Bergman both nominated for best actor) however, Nikki, sweetheart, your husband is acting like a mentally handicapped child, there is an issue here.

Now let's fanwank this, Nikki a woman who has been just ever so slightly emotionally abused by Victor finally has a Victor totally committed to her. It must be nice for her, really. But the regflags are every damn where.

Crazy talk! Victor is FINE! JUST...just fine? Snowflakes? What The F? Shit.

I played charades with my niece the other night. Really. It was fun. I had to act out "Cinderella", it involved me dancing with myself, a garbage bag for a dress and throwing her tiny flipflops off my feet. Stop judging me. I see you.

There are many cute and cuddly things in the world but nothing compares to Lily in pigtails. That shit is adorfuckinable. Now give your husband a comb, you never don't look put together, he goes out in public with uncombed hair and plaid shirts with ties and torn jeans and like he just mowed someone's lawn.

SWOO(SH)P UPDATE: He's breaking free! You can tell! Peter's developing a little tuff. Oh, he's coming back. The Swoo(sh)p will not be reined in! He will return. It's only a matter of time. Only a matter of time...


kel said...

Okay, the baseball picture...I totally thought you'd photoshopped in a Cylon visor. Still...brilliant.

And I will take up a collection to get Daniel a comb. That shit ain't right.

Darn said...

That's what I SHOULD have done! Dammit!

And the Daniel comb collection starts...now.

Anonymous said...

This is freakin hilarious! And yes, Daniel does need a comb.

Arugula said...

OMG, that picture is a RIOT! Darn, you crack me up. Bahahaaa!