Aug 18, 2006


***This post may be interrupted by my uncontrollable sobbing***

Oooooooooh man. Oh man, oh man, oh man.

I don't even feel like typing. OOOOOOOH MAN!

I fuckingfuckingfuckingfuckingFUCKING hate this show so damn damn damn much right now!

And you know what? Fuck Gloria. Fuck her in her creepy big ass eyes. She wasn't even there today! Didn't see her, didn't smell her!

Okay, Ashley, OKAY, OKAY, FINE, I'll lay off you now. Actually at one point Eileen Davidson kept her head down for about half a scene and it just chipped away at my cold, cold heart. She just seemed so...broken.

Peter Bergman, you kill me. KILL ME. I AM DEAD. How does he do it? Honestly, how? His face, washed in utter bewilderment, just said so much with so little. Fuck everybody else, for my money he is undoubtedly THE BEST actor on daytime right now. Fuck, on television.

Jack and Phyllis, Phyllis referring to herself as John's daughter-in-law is when I started tearing up. I thought that was terribly sweet her and I haven't found Phyllis genuinely likeable in a long, long time. Jack + Phyllis 4evah!

And just because John was a good father, the best type of soap dad, he'd kick you when you've fucked up and hug you when you needed daddy.

RIP, John Abbott
We'll miss you, Jerry. Hey, look on the bright side, no more clucking from whosherstupid.

Much as I hate Nick and Phyllis and their fuckbaby, beautiful symmetry between John's death and their embryo of adultery. Should've been Michael and Lauren (though of course they were where they should have been, I'm just being petty) but hey, ya know, well done.

Trivial and Meaningless Stuff

Go ClackClack! I hope she keeps Brad in their loveless marriage. Still don't like her but hate him just a little bit more.

Good God, Drucilla. You don't have to be roommates with Sharon. This isn't A Different World, you can choose where you want to live, you don't have to live with Maggie. At least if you're gonna stay there bring your own sheets and towels, Nick's jizz is all over the place. Trust me on this.

And one last pic.

The Last Photo of the Abbott Men

Oh come on, you know I had to. Don't you judge me.


kia said...

That photo with the real Billy made me quite happy.

crc said...

The goodbyes were just perfect and real and no, this grown ass man did not shed a tear. Seriously. sniff

But if this was just so Gloria can have a story and be frontburner and continue to not pay for her misdeeds, I'm gonna have to pull out an afro puff and that's gonna take a lot of pulling because I don't think I have enough hair with my bald fade. LOL!

Thanks for the pics, Darn.

jfdb said...

That was beautiful.

*claps slowly*

I've felt the dread for a week, now I'm sad, later I'll be bitter.

books said...

Notice how Tracy (she's as cute as bug in a rug) always smiles when she says her lines???

Darn said...

I was thinking about doing something to remove RealBilly but said fuck it, there is only one Billy and his name is David Tom. I hope Jack can pick up the Abbott patriarch slack, it would help immensely if HIS KIDS were in town.

And I like Traci a lot more now that she doesn't look like Ronald McDonald.

Anonymous said...

Jack is selling it to me so much that I am hating Gloria. I really want her to get what's coming to her and soon.