Aug 23, 2006

Y&R - Tues - Whothehelldoesshethinksheis?

Is Gloria out of her UFCKNIG NIMD?

Imagine my face like this as I talk about this nasty, nutty heffa.

Who are you to lecture ANYONE on it "not being about yooooooou!" ? Have you met yourself? Do you know that literally every word that comes out of your mouth is "me", "my" or "I". "I am John's wedding, MY husband died, what about MEEE?"

Whataboutyouyouvilepieceoftrash? All your presence does is remind us that John would be ALIVE if you hadn't come into his life! You took this good man and made him absolutely miserable. Good job, GLO! They're furnishing your condo in HELL.

Goddamn! I--I hate her more than I hate peas and I really fucking hate peas. Little green balls of awful.

Oh shit, Kay, you just went against Gloria, she's gonna turn on you ass! And I mean literally turn! RUN! DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU, BEHIND YOU STANDS DEATH!

JT: Hey.
Colleen: Hey...
JT: How ya doin'?
Colleen: Okay. Not really. I still can't believe he's gone.
JT: What? You're still grieving? But--but we had sex.
Colleen: Yeah but I'm still so sad.
JT: But I don't understand, I've got the magic stick. [boing] You broken? Damn you!

Hey, heeey, LilBastard, come'r, come'r. Your mom's sad, right? And you dad's not home, right? Stealing an IPod isn't gonna get him home! I know how to get him home! Set the house on fire. Just a little. I bet you didn't know that mommies don't burnt, did you? Do it while mom's asleep. No, no, she'll sleep right through, it's all good. Here's a lighter and some gas, it's only a gallon but you should be good. Stop crying! Don't be a bitch, stop being a bitch before you get slapped like one. Go on now, git!



Hmmm, no. Next.


smartyshorts said...

Hey. Lil Bastard. Dude. Stop yer sniffling, you little Notzi.
Don't want to set your own stuff on fire? Set the athletic Club on Fire. No don't worry, no one's there but Neil and Carmen. And Gina told me she LIKES it when kids burn down her job. No seriously, she's totally cool with that! Just ask Kevin.

Sharon's PTSD isn't moving into BSC land fast enough for me. Hurry up and SNAP you mopheaded Bitch!

Dear God, Darn. Where did you find a picture of Gloria's Mama at Mardi Gras? You should have your own detectifying agency!
(I don't care which picture you think I'm referring to)

Darn said...

I just noticed that was a Mardi Gras photo. That makes it SO MUCH BETTER! You know with this New Orleans story going on now.

And smarty, are we ever not on the same wavelength? Burn it dooooown!

crc said...

Darn, you are sooo evil. And I love you for it. Keep it coming!

arugula said...

Carmen MESTA?! Dru calls the bitch Carmen JONES! Ha. What was that about, though? Was it a "Meeeeee aaaa-and Mrs, Mrs Jones Mrs Jones Mrs Jones ... we got a thiiiing .... goin onnnnn" reference?

Darn said...

It was a Carmen Jones, like Dorothy Dandrige Carmen Jones the movie ( based on the opera, reference. Carmen was a bit trampy and I think died at the end. Let's hope Carmen continues in her grand tradition.