Aug 8, 2006

Y&R - Monday - Eep!

Jana: I'm so glad we got that fellow who tried to blackmail ye!
Gloria: Yes, my young foolishness coming back to haunt me. That photographer, oh. And I believed him when he said I had a nice body. And a plump, tight ass. And nice perky tits. He was truth-teller, he was.

I like Jana's kaleidescope hair. I like Jana. I think only because Gloria and Kevin are so so so evil and she's just supernice and British and colorful. She offsets their self-centered assholery.

Victoria: Geewilikers, guys! If we don't find the re-li-quar-y Sharon might ::gasp:: die!

Brad: We have to get to Sharon before the Notzis do!

Nick: Eep! Well, gu-gu-gosh!

Phyllis: Oh, we'll never find Sharon this way! Maybe we should contact the FBI!

[they all turn and glare]

Phyllis: Or not.

Victoria: We have to use this book! And the internet! And my expansive knowledge of religious artifacts. Take that necklace you're wearing, it's a cross! A cross is a lower-case T!

Phyllis, Brad, Nick: Woooooah.

Noah: Rooooooah!

I kinda hate all of them and want them to die a fiery fire. I enjoyed the mention of Nikki's sister, they hardly ever mention her. And loved when Nikki ran in as they were arguing and said "Stop!" then proceeded to mention that Victor is still missing too. And they could not give less of a fuck that the man with recently disagnosed epilepsy is missing. It was fairly fucking wonderful.

There's one word for the reaction you should have when you find out your son-in-law had it setup for your daughter to be attacked:

Neil, I expect that from you. Your mission in life is to disappoint me personally. But Dru, sweetie, my baby, my heart, my love, you should have gone Bookcase on his ass. It's okay, one misstep in 5 years, I forgive you. It's okay, don't cry, I'm still here. No, no, I'll rest my head on your bosom. Better? Better.

John and his fabulous son Jack talking about spas and make-up and Jack being his typical flamboyant self is so astronomically G A Y that you can't help but love it.

And not that I think I'm hot shit or anything but I've added a mailing list thingie. ONLY BECAUSE I don't update everyday and I'd hate for you guys to not visit because of lack of updates. So, yeah. Not hot shit (let's take a moment and discuss this phrase, "hot shit". Hot shit is just stinky feces, who wants to be that anyway?).


crc said...

I hope the ladies on the show don't all start sporting Lynn Marie Latham hair, like JFP does with the ladies on her shows. LOL!

Cool idea about the mailing lists.

And, darn, what have I told you about messing with my woman. Take your head off of her bosom. NOW!!!

lizzbert said...

"A cross is a lower-case T!"

Bwah ha ha! Y&R should pay you money, Darn--I watch the show so I can fully appreciate your blog. :)

Darn said...

That is the highest compliment, lizzbert, you have no idea.

And, darn, what have I told you about messing with my woman. Take your head off of her bosom. NOW!!!

It's not my fault SHE PUTS IT ALL IN MY FACE!

crc said...


jfdb said...

Darn, you are a better man than Neil, that's fer damn sure!

smartyshorts said...

The girliest girl who ever girled is a better man than Neil.