Aug 9, 2006

Y&R - Wednesday - If Only We Were So Lucky

"Nothing would warm the cockles of my heart more than to see your butt behind bars, believe that! >snick!<"

Boy does Dru looks nuts sometimes. Looking like Beloved and twirling her hair like a loon. I love you, girl, you know that, but rein it in (though good job putting your castrated significant other on notice).

Thandie Newton wants her role back.

Not to say I don't love Neil and Dru hating on Daniel. He deserves it. Even if you take away the fact that it was Lily; he still set it up to have a girl attacked. That's horrible and frankly, they should never forgive him.

But Lily should.


Why ask why?

Seriously stop asking why.

I said "stop", goddammit.

I like art. I'm an artist. I took art history. Art history interests me greatly. Leonardo was a genius, Rembrandt's command of light and dark is astounding, Warhol was mad crazy and brilliant. That said the only way this story could possibly, conceivably interest me in the least is this:

Or this:

Or this:

If you're not any of these things, then Shaddup.

Oh, Sharon got shot in the head?

That'll leave a stain. A little club soda will do the trick for that sharp looking suit you're wearing, Mr. Nazi. Thank you, Heloise.


jcleopatra said...

Oh my goodness crack me up...the picture of Thandie...gosh I love Thandie, but...she did look like Beloved, didn't she?

Darn said...

Dru with her wild mane (which I love) did look a bit like Beloved. And that just made me think crazy.