Aug 28, 2006

Y&R - Monday - Tropical Storm Ernie

This is a short one.


Due to Hurricane Tropical Storm Ernesto I didn't get all of today's episode.


I'm with Victor, fuck apples! Pop, pop! Haha! With and their...insides. Always acting better than oranges. So high and mighty. You're no better than anyone else.

I'm sure Sharon was upset that Victor was taking over her Resident Newman Nutjob position. Can't share the limelight, can you, Scarecrow?

John "Jack" Abbott, Jr. is Love
. John "Jack" Abbott, Jr. is Ghetto. Trash bags (Gloria's bags of animal...print...I bet she skins a tiger every morning "I can AFFORD it NOW that I am MRS. JOHN ABBOTT, CAN'T I JOOOOOHN?!")? That is beautiful and brilliant and my Jack love is undying. UNDYING. The key dangling? Let's go to Canada and get married and then in the future they can splice our DNA and we can have biracial babies with fantastic hair and typing skills! Think of it, Jack, think of the possibilities!

The manipulation of John could have turned Jack into the villain in this story, could have completely turned us against him and had us (and by "us" I mean "me", I only speak for myself) begrudgeoningly go to her side and I think that was attempted, however Peter Bergman's performance saved what is a questionable plot point. Jack having his mentally incapacitated father write a will that leaves out his wife? On paper that's fairly horrifying. In performance and direction? Near brilliance.

I've never seen an actor on a soap with so many Emmy worthy performances. Is PB doesn't win there is no justice. No justice! No peace! No justice! No peace!


smartyshorts said...

Darn, you might speak for me, after about 7 vodka tonics.
But, I mean John Abbott Jr was the fucking Bomb. **Snick** BOOM. I was FEELING his pain at having to be an asshole to keep Gloria's shiny gold lame claws off his Dad's stuff.
You made me feel it Jack. Oh how gooooood it felt!

And inside bag#1? Some sort of faux 'animal' print, and a swath of shiny, material. Wrap THAT shit around your turkey neck, bitch!
WHY did she think she could come on back to Abbot Manor, kick off her Manolos and have Mrs Martinez bring her a hot latte while she strolled around touching framed pictures of herself and counting silverware?
The original will left the house to the kids, she shoulda BEEN had her stuff outta there!
Oh yeah, before i turn in for the night and have a shiny APPLE. DIE APPLE BASTARD....FUCKING DIIIIIEEEEE!!!
I will give one big hearty...Shut the fuck up Kevin. i will slap you in the jaw with a tire iron you pompous elf.
Nighty Night. Don't let the bed bugs bite.

Go Crazy Sharin! GO!

Dee said...

Dear Gloria,

Life's A Bitch, Huh?


janie said...

Peter Bergman is brilliant. Fabulous. He's been so good I spend a lot of my time open-mouthed while watching him. Soap acting is underrated; he's really, really good.

When I watched him dangle those keys in Gloria's face, all I could think was, "Damn, Jack is hardcore!" And I don't even talk like that.

I still love Michael, but Kevin is so obnoxious. Mommy's little sycophant.

PS. I just thought you should know, I comment on this site more than any other. What does that say about me? ;-)

crc said...

Now if Gloria would just officially become The Bag Lady, sleeping on the park bench just like in her nightmares, and get mauled to death by a... a... lion (remember the one that almost attacked Devon at the zoo until Malcolm stared it down LOL!) mistaking her for prey while swathed in one of her many animal prints, I would be soooo HAPPY!

Darn said...

Gloria had a dream like that a while back, where she was a bag lady (hey, she's got the bags for it now! One step closer) and John ignored. I want that to happen except where Michael ignores her cause he got his brain back. Why is he no longer able to see through her shit? I dungetit.

Ha! Ha! Dee! That's exactly how I felt.

smarty, you kill me. Who knows what goes on that empty trophy room Gloria calls a mind? "Oh, I'm just go home to stay with two people who hate me more than anyone else in the world. Ladeedah!" We need a new word for "nuts".

PS. I just thought you should know, I comment on this site more than any other. What does that say about me? ;-)

It says that you've got taste and that you're fucking awesome, janie. Cause you are.

Kaboom said...

Word, just word, to your post, Darn. You are SO right, I believe the intention of this SL was to force us to defect to Glo's side but aw, hell no. PB's acting and the writing for the Fishers (yeah, you too, you little punk bitch Kevin; Michael, I'm still counting on you to redeem yo'self) has kept us happily ensconced on Jack's side. The trash bags? Perfect. The key dangling? Brilliant!

Re: the aggravated assault on that poor apple...I have no words. When even SHARIN' is looking at you like you're off your gourd, then you have got a problem, HFV. lol

smartyshorts said...

Aw, Tropical Storm Ernie is kinda cute!
He's got Daniel's hair!