Aug 23, 2006

Y&R - Wednesday - Giggly Heffa

Well, goodness, who is Dru to ask about her husband's apparent infatuation with another woman? Seriously, back off chick, you're way out of line bothering your husband and his POTENTIAL MISTRESS! God, Dru, get a grip! HOW DARE YOU? LEARN YA PLACE, DRUCILLA, LEARNYAPLACE!

The last thing I ever want to see is Neil opening a club on this show and desperately trying to be "cool" and " with it". He'll put Chuck Berry on the record player and say things like "Oh yeah, this is where's it at! I hear it, I feel it, of yeah, this is my jam! Get down to get doooown! Who wants to do the electric slide?! ".

Gloria: John's thing? [rummage, rummage] Where are the copious pictures of meeee?!

Yes, yes, Gloria, you were a part of John's life for all of two years. Guess what? Jack and Ashley were his kids for 50 YEARS! You were the last stop in John's seemingly endless string of fucked up women. Except for Mamie, she was badass.

Jack is Love. I love when he's up to something. Sure, everything, EVERY SINGLE THING, he does backfires right in his face but he's still a loveable bastard while he does it. Love you, Jack.

But as much as I hate Gloria, her face while Jack hugged her was priceless. All bugs eyes and batshit. Awesome, awesome.

Nick: Heheh.
Phyllis: Heh.
Phyllis: Giggggglee!
Nick: Giggle!
Phyllis: Gigglicious!
Nick: Hurhurhur!
Phyllis: Hehe!
Nick: Ayeyeyeye!
Phyllis: Giggly!
Me: [gun to head, splat]

Noah's gonna be one of those 30-year-old guys who go on "dates" with their moms where the "dates" consist of the two of them sitting at home having TV dinners, isn't he? Yeah he is. She's gonna make sure of it. Cause momma's gonna need a hug when she's lost her purse or misplaced her pills or broken a hip.

Sharon: You stay with me forever, right? Foreverever!

Noah: I am dying inside!

Sharon: Oh you!


crc said...

I saw a 30 year old Noah on Divorce Court this morning. He was a mama's boy that called mama to pick him up everytime he got into a fight with his wife. He volunteeringly was without a job. He wanted his wife to pay him alimony. His mom was there to yell and call the wife a bitch whenever she talked about him. And he's currently living with mommy and daddy.

Oh, and his mama still helps dress him, which apparently was the reason he and his wife were in Divorce Court.

kia said...

A screencap of Buster and Lucille would have been much more appropriate.

Darn said...

Motherboy! Dammit! You're right. I'll do better next time.

crc, that story is...depressing. That woman has guaranteed that he'll be of no use to anyone, ever.

Dee said...



Kaboom said...

heh heh heh Giggly heffa. heh heh heh

Just the thought of Neil attempting the electric slide is enough to send me into a fit of giggles. For some reason I picture him doing the white-man-dancing overbite.

Jack is Love, indeed. :0)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh you are so funny! You make me laugh out loud! You are SO right about how Jack attempts these cool sneaky moves and they always blow up in his face!

arugula said...

Neil owning a jazz club. No no no no, Dear God in Heaven! don't let them do that to us.

Dru: This is a nice jazz club, you got here Neil. I trust you'll do well.
Neil: Trust. Now where do YOU get off talking about trust?
Dru: Well, I just meant that it will be tres cool here.
Neil: BETRAY. Yes, that's what I feel - betrayed.
Dru: Oh Neil, shut the fuck up, you sad pitiful sack of a man.
Me: Yayaayayayay!

crc said...

^Aaaarrrgghhh! I know, I know. Neil and his self-righteous, passive aggressive crap is making me hope Dru pulls out an afro puff on him.