Aug 10, 2006

Y&R - Thursday - Arts & Crafts

Oh, hi!

Sorry, I'm kinda busy.

Just doing a little art project, I'll be with you in a sec, okay?

[tinka, wrrrr, tinka, tinka, grind, mesh, shimmer, tinka]

Done! You like? God, it took me forever. Like 30 minutes forever. I am exhausted.

Sure, Victoria, go to Pearl Art Supply and buy the materials necessary to replicate a centuries old re-li-qua-ry. SURE, WHY NOT? OKAY! MAKES SENSE! EXCUSE ME WHILE I DIE SLOWLY!

A few questions
(questions because today was exceedingly tedious and anvil-heavy):

Why do Jill and Katherine like Gloria? It doesn't compute. She is a classless, loud-mouthed nutjob who conned John for months, they have absolutely no reason to like this woman much less respect her ideas. Makes no sense and I don't like it.

John's getting out of prison, he's getting his job back, my gosh, what could possibly go wrong? Gloria's happy, Jack's happy, Ashley happy, everyone is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! I think Jesus just pooped some puppies and rainbows. What could possibly, possibly go wrong now?

Why do Nick and Brad look perfectly well kept yet Victoria looks like she hasn't bathed in a week? Sharon looks more put together.

Wouldn't it be cool if it turns out Michael is part black? Cause you know it's kinda funny that they're doing a story centered around an event (Hurricane Katrina, and don't let me start on that before I get all mad and political, grrrr) that mostly effected black people centerd around a white guy.

What exactly are Paul and JT doing?
Don't answer that. Me don't care.


Smart Alec said...

Sorry about Victoria. It was me. I beat the shit out of her during the commercials. Nick's next on my list. [disclaimer: I'm not actually as crazy as this statement makes me sound]

Anonymous said...

re: michael being black, first of all LMAO. Second of all umm no. He's been in prison and that would play into the repeated pattern of only troubled mixed Black folk entering the Y&R landscape. I luh me some Michael but i'd draw a line in the sand over that one... then again, our strong Black man (i used to have Neil's "You gonna wish you nevah met this Black maaan!" speech to Kevin saved on my old cellphone lol) quota is looking mighty low right now (yes Neil, I'm looking at your punk a*s!) so maybe... just maybe.

Demig said...

Oh lawdie, not another black man who abandoned his family (Michael's father that is).
Hey Darn, give Michael Neil's Black Card. I dare ya! I would like Michael on or Team versus the Kneel we have " representin' " us.

Darn said...

I meant part black as in his grandmother is black or biracial. Like some "white" people I know who have black grandparents. I know I would get a kick out of Lauren having a baby darker than peach.

And Michael's got his own card, the Kickass Sonuvabitch Card, you don't know about that card, he's so cool he doesn't need to carry it around.

Sorry about Victoria. It was me. I beat the shit out of her during the commercials. Nick's next on my list. [disclaimer: I'm not actually as crazy as this statement makes me sound]
Don't fuck with Smart Alec. Duly noted.

arugula said...

Ba haha ha about the arts and crafts thing. That is FUNNY!

I'd like it if Michael was part black. Maybe he will have the same grandma as Neil. That would be interesting.

Word to all the Neil hate. HATE.

books said...

Dude you are seriously funny. You are to Y&R what the does to foodtv.

Keep up the sharp observations.

I can't stand Gloria - FF through all her scenes.

Love the race comment re Katrina.

Darn said...

Thanks, that blog is really funny.

And Michael and Neil as brothers? Well, Neil MIGHT be a step up from Kevin. Maybe.