Aug 11, 2006

Y&R - Friday - People I Hate

Gloria needs a stiff kick in the ass.


Does she have one redeeming characteristic? No. She's not funny anymore, you know why? She killed someone. She doesn't have true love for her children, you know why? She uses them whenever the mood suits her. She doesn't truly love John, you know why? She wouldn't purposely put a wedge between him and his children if she did. She expects him to accept her criminal kids but JackJackJackJack is so meanmeanmean and Ashley is notnotnotnice! And I don't buy for a second that she's afraid John might die, not for John anyway, she's worried about losing John for herself. Fuck John and his kids and grandkids, Gloria's losing HER husband! WahWahWah!

And someone needs to check the nutty heifer for Grave's disease because her eyes are thisclose to rolling out of her head and having a couple of kids play marbles with them. Either that of she's part Muppet and I like Muppets.

Love the Daily/Dily/SitOnIt but it's a little too soon for them to be reconnecting, don't you think? Though those two are clearly miserable without each other. Poor kids. And wow, does Kevin not need to be giving relationship advice to Daniel about Lily, the girl he statutorily raped. Are we supposed to forget this? It certainly feels like we're supposed to forget or brush aside their sordid history. That's a real shame, it would help this iffy storyline immensely.

: Sweetie, what time is it?
Neil: Time?
Dru: Yes, sweetie.
Neil: Time is a fragile thing. Like a house of cards built on lies.
Dru: Honey, the time.
Neil: Built on lies and untruths.
Dru: Baby, I just wanna know the time.
Neil: Time is a construct. Time is like our marriage, a construct made up of deceit and trickery. Deceit and trickery and deception and falseness...sities!
Dru: Dammit, I just want the motherfuckin' time.
Neil: Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Okay, okay, fiiiine, Dru lied about the paternity of your child for 18 years, she slept with your brother (raped by your brother unwittingly, let's not even go there) but Dru is SO right about you, you self-righteous prick. You may realize that you've made mistakes but do you acknowledge them? Hardly.

If you're gonna be mad, be mad, man up! That's right, yell! Now check your pants, I think one of your balls may have finally dropped.

High five? High five! No? Too soon? Too soon. Alright.


smartyshorts said...

STOP it with the CrazyEyes by Gloria Abbott. I gotta go to sleep soon, and they HAUNT me.
You already got my job and my bladder, can I at least have a good night's sleep?

Neil: "Hey Lily. Remember when Daniel Lied to you? Remember how your Mom lied to me too! We're the same. Here's a bracelet that i like, made for you. Just for you. It has a little perfume inside the charm! And you can like, NEVER take it off, Cuz we're like, friends, forever. Because we were LIED to. And that!" **Sticks tongue out at Dru**

Neil is so far gone now, I can't imagine how he can be redeemed.
If he exposes Gloria's Creamy Murder Mystery, maybe. If he could somehow keep Big Poppa from going to the big boxing ring in the sky...ok, I could bend. MAYBE, no promises.

Darn said...

Carmen: When I live in New York I always like to take the Long Island Expressway--
Neil: You know what those initials spell, don't you?
Carmen: Uh, yes, Li--
Neil: LIE! That's right! I was lied to! By my wife! For years! LIELIELIEDEELIE!

I hate him so fucking much.

And keep staring into the googly eyes, they're hypnotizing, aren't they? I'm stealing your wallet now...

crc said...

Man, Neil is one weak, pathetic man. I'm getting sick and tired of his passive aggresive shyt. MAN UP!

Where's Colleen when Lily needs her. It's about time for Lily to cash in all of that time she's had to sit and listen to Colleen going on and on about her and her problems. Yet, she's conveniently hidden aways somewhere. Can't be a confidante to Lily while she's hiding away from reliquary obsessed Nazi murderers. LOL!

kia said...

I told you Daily only needed a day or two. And shut your mouth about it being "too soon." You might jinx it!

Deanna said...

Daily! Daily! Daily!