Aug 5, 2006

Y&R - Thurs/Fri - Seizuirific

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, whatever, it's all a clusterfuck of ridiculous.

Jana: Blimey! Wha'tever are you doin' wit' that fellow?
Gloria: This--this is my illegitimate son. We were simply stripping his clothes in order run the proper DNA tests, which involve a full body scan. He's the product of an illicit affair during one of my numerous trips to Miami as a drug runner. I met a kind fisherman named Ricardo Tubbs who gave me shelter and sexual healing as I ran from the mafia.
Jana: Ricardo Tu--isn't that the bloke from Miami Vice?
Gloria: No, no it's not.
Jana: I'm fairly certain it is.
Gloria: You're wrong.
Jana: But--
Gloria: No.
Jana: I'm pr--
Gloria: NO!

Jana: Sorry, sorry!
Gloria: It's okay, dear. Now help me move the body.

Damn, Gloria's good. I want one of my very own.

Let's play a game!


"A piece of sacred artwork!"

"Something to hold bones and other nasty stuff!"

"Oooh, I know! A Mcguffin introduced into a story for no apparent reason other to keep nearly every character in the story spinning their wheels."

"DING DING DING, Motherfucker. You get a cookie."

Georad/Brorge, ClackClack, Nick and SCB sure do prove the power of Google. The only reason no one found Jimmy Hoffa is cause they forgot that Jimmy is a nick name for James. Google James Hoffa, he's right there! Easy!

ClackClack: I know art! I know this world! So stop questioning me!

Bitch, shut UP. And they're going to message boards? PLEASE visit TWOP so I can slap a ho. Thankyou. Look, when you lose annoyances like Sharon and JT sometimes you just gotta say "Hey, whadda ya gonna do?", shrug your shoulders and move on. It's part of the healing process.

Phyllis: Hi you guys!
Nick: Uh, Phyllis, what are you doing here?
Phyllis: Just stopping by. You know.
Victoria: Phyllis, we're terribly business.
Brad: Yes, we are. Why are you here?
Phyllis: I wanted to hel--Nick, come on.
Nick: Seriously, why are you here? Did we send out invitations?
Phyllis: Oh. Okay, sorry you guys. I'll go home and do some more babygrowing.
Brad: Moo.
Nick: HAHA! Moooo!
Victoria: Oh my god, boys, stop! MmmMmmMmmoooo!
Phyllis: Hehe. Sorry, sorry, I'll go.

I think I might hate her more than Sharon right now. Of course Sharon isn't around but shape up of ship out, Phyllis. I bet your spine is somewhere near Neil's balls. Probably doing a performance art piece. Go find them.

We miss y'all!

Oh, people, Sharon's fine. She's just getting her Paris Hilton on.

HARHAGHHHGGGGGHHH! Hummina, click, clock, bizz, zoom!


Not funny. Ever.


You may wonder why I haven't mentioned Lily and Daniel since my love for them is strong and absurd in it's scope. And that is why I haven't mentioned him telling the truth about Alex and Lily leaving him. It didn't happen! Just turned on CBS right the fuck now and all I see is Lily sitting on Daniel's lap as they fight for the remote, it's cute. Now they're getting their mack on. Can no one else see this? Fix your tuners!


Jinx said...

Darn I see that we're tuned into the same channel. I don't know what this nonsense is that I'm reading about Lily leaving Daniel.'re a GENIUS!

Darn said...

I knew I wasn't crazy! That's the best channel, right? It's the best. Lily and Daniel, all day, everyday, happy as can be.

jfdb said...

Yeah, just watching the behind the scenes video all day long. Nothing but lollipops and rainbows in Dily-land.

It kinda sorta totally scared me to see EB seizing on my tv. Please get some friggin help - For Zapato's sake of course!

smartyshorts said...

I am a horrible person, condemned to Hell and my bones crushed and carried around in a plot contrivance reliquary made out of vinyl. But I have to confess...I'm sorry Jesus, but I found Victor's seizure to be...HILARIOUS!!!! Smote me as you will.

Daily fan said...

Thank you so much. I've fix my television and all I can see is Daily happiness. Lily is sitting on Daniel's lap. It's beautiful! I have no idea how that stuff from Thursday and Friday got there. It's all better now.

kia112 said...

Oh, man. I know what was wrong with my TV. It wasn't on the SAP audio channel. It's all good, now. I see the same Daily you all do.

crc said...

OHMIGOD! I scrolled down and all of a sudden, Bobble-head's peepers were staring at me. Talk about JEEPERS CREEPERS!!!

LOL! Neil's balls and Phyllis's spine.

I don't know what you guys are watching with Daily all happy as can be, because somehow, my TV keep changing over from CBS to the Discovery Channel or something. They've been discussing reliquaries, Nazis, art, blind people that run entire farms, epilepsy, etc.