Aug 2, 2006

Y&R - Wednesday - Like Gum Under Her Stilletos


"This is ab
out Project Stay Away From My Husband! "

"Oh, what is this about, what is this about?"
[as she maniacally fans herself (Where is FAN?!)]

"Don't make me pull out an afro puff!"

Oh Carmen, Carmie, Carm, sweetie, you don't know, do you? You don't even know. And that is the tragedy.

This is you

This is Dru

Hurts, doesn't it?

Neil, if you don't want to be with Dru, DON'T BE WITH DRU, you Punk Ass Passive-Aggressive Mealy Mouthed Bitch. She can do better and you won't and shouldn't and never can and never will and I hate you. Eat it.

: I've brought sandwiches!

Did you bring your spine? Or do women simply lose them when thrusted by that Newman rod? Why don't you just put on some fucking pearls and a sun dress?

Hey, what the fuck is wrong with Noah's head? Where's Tails? What's goin' on, LilBastard? Did Miguel attack you with the weed whacker? Can't blame him.

Oh yeah, Gloria, Kevin and Jana were on. Gloria was doing some insanely stupid, Kevin was letting her and Jana was British. And the wonderful guy holding JT and Sharon hostage (thus keeping them off our screens, love that guy) sounds British as well. COULD THERE BE A CONNECTION?!

Nikki should not wear...




jfdb said...

oh Darn, I love you. Please continue to dish out the bitchslaps to all who deserve them. Neil has been grating on my last nerve and then jumping up and down on it, STFU Man! Would you take a look at your damn wife! Now Carmen? Bitch, please, don't even. What a fool.

Nikki should be the only one allowed to look like a sourpuss. Not for you Neil, you should be ecstatic Dru blesses you with her presence. Damn.

Phyllis...I don't even know what to say anymore. This is not the woman that I back constantly. Get her away from that amazing Newman jizz pronto.

crc said...

I want to see Dru pull out an afro puff on that bitch.

It's depressing to see what Phyllis has become since messing around that NiClueless.

Darn said...

Carmen would be spitting up hair for weeks.

Nikki should be the only one allowed to look like a sourpuss. Not for you Neil, you should be ecstatic Dru blesses you with her presence. Damn.

He's an ungrateful fuckmunch and Dru is so out of his league right now. Right now and always. Curl up and die, Neil.

janie said...


I must be on the slow side, because...duh! That would explain her knowing about Victoria being an art collector/artist, wouldn't it? It's a good theory, and we know there's something fishy about Jana.

Dru was awesome today. Even if Neil doesn't want Dru, WHAT is so fascinating about Carmen? She's boooooring!

And I guess we've just dropped the Jack/Carmen storyline.

smartyshorts said...

Darn you are an evil genius.

But I agree about Neil. Dru should get all Ruff n Stuff with her Afro Puffs on Carmen the Cell Phone Whore AND on Neil -who has no sex at all. He's neither Male nor female. He puts, he whines, he sneaks about unconvincingly. Put him in the Circus and bring on Lil Nate.

Damn, Dru looks good coming AND going. Now THAT'S a SexyBack, Timberlake.
She was even braless, at the office, and I STILL have no complaints.

arugula said...

On any other human on earth, that would have been the fugliest dress on earth ... but on Dru it was ok. That's POWAH.

arugula said...

Re Thursday's show -- aren't the Winters just a Milton Bradley commercial waiting to happen?