Aug 24, 2006

Y&R - Thursday - Too Much And Never Enough

What is there to say? What? I don't know. I have so much going through my head right now. I feel like taking today's script and dissecting it. That last scene was exhausting, wasn't it? You know how if you're in a seat with arms how you grab the arms and kinda lift yourself out of the seat when a scene gets really good and you're anxious for the next line? That was me today. I love this show.


In Defense of Jack: There is no conceivable way that Jack or Ashley could have delivered their eulogies comfortably with Gloria right there, probably blowing her nose into Kevin's lapel. Jack would have been glaring at her and Ashley would have been disgusted and the tension would have filled the church like a gas. No one could have mourned peacefully. Was he right? No. Was he doing this selfishly? No. I do think they would have been better served to go with separate services.

And Peter Bergman wins

I think I kinda love Traci. She just seems like a big ball (not a fat joke) of vulnerable. I wanted to hug her when she was going on about her daddy. Poor kid (okay, she's 20 years older than me, still).

I guess Kay and Jill can't even have individual camera shots. I fully expected them to deliver their eulogy together, alternating lines.

The flashbacks were golden. Perfectly chosen. John really was a nice guy, wasn't he? Sigh.



I know, Clair.


Shut up, Clair.

Gloria, in half an hour, went from ME ME ME to MY FAMILY MY FAMILY MY FAMILY. Here is why: She needed allies, she knew damn well that this was about HER being utterly repulsive but in order to assure that Michael, Kevin (those bastards, I'll get to them in a sec) and Lauren would be on her side and not consider Jack's point of view for a second she started in on this MY FAMILY business. She saw that she was losing and decided that she should pull them in to make it US against THEM because she is a selfish, self-centered cowbeast.

Michael, you shut you goddamn mouth with "This is classic Jack.", let's talk about "Classic Michael". Who are you gonna stalk and nearly rape next, Mikey? Compared to you Jack is Father Fucking Teresa. I still love you but ya lost me a little with that line.

Kevin, you piece of refried shit, listen up, motherfucker (I bet you would, you nasty bastard), don't you dare defend that woman in the same room where the girl you tried to kill, her uncle, her aunt and her mother stand. Who do you think you ARE? I kick you!

Judith Chapman is one of the greatest actresses of our time, you know why? Because nothing would give me more pleasure than to pop Gloria in the face.

Seriously, PB and JC were fantastic in that confrontation. So much hatred in every line. Okay, clearly Judith can't move forehead and Peter needs to move away from the bronzer but that's neither here nor there, they were phenomenal.

Hey, did anything else happen today? I can't even remember.

That wasn't a joke. I really don't remember.


crc said...

There weren't any other stories today, so you pretty much covered all the bases.

I agree with you 100% on everything you've posted.

Screw the Fisher/Baldwins and GO TEAM ABBOTT!!!

Darn said...

I thought it was my memory going faulty, nice to know it isn't. I could have checked my recording but that would have taken...effort.


smartyshorts said...

I'm GLAD Jack found a way to disclude the Fisher/Baldwins from the funeral. There, I said it. And i feel better for it. yeah it was a shitty and petty thing to do. But I don't think I could've stomached a beautiful tribute with characters who had a long history with Fists O Fury interspersed with Viagra Tales and whatever dreck kevin would twitchingly spew on the proceedings.

"My name is John Abbott Jr. you killed my father, prepare to DIE!"

Dee said...


Kaboom said...

As usual: ITA to your entire entry, Darn.

How fucking awesome would it have been if Jack really had turned to Michael and said your 'Classic Michael' lines? AWESOME.

Go Team Abbott!!

Demig said...

Darn, Darn, Darn, you express my venom towards those bastards of the FishWin Clan so eloquently. The only redeeming person there, would have been Terrible Tom, if he were still around to snark on their hypocritical assess. Goooo Team Abbott!

books said...

I agree that Jack did the right thing. THey needed their private time and also to preserve the integrity of John Abbot himself.

Anonymous said...

John Abbott Jr. <--- That right there? got me to testifying.

It was almost theraputic watching him rip into her. He said everything to her i've been needing to hear someone say for a year now. I just wish he had took a shot at Kevin too when he tried to get brolic. I mean if you're letting it all hang out why not let it ALL hang out. little STD carrying pyro freak...

It was funny because looking at the other actors faces (specifically CLB and TB) the astonishment almost looked like they dropped character and were simply in awe of the awesome job peter was doing.

Kaboom said...

"It was funny because looking at the other actors faces (specifically CLB and TB) the astonishment almost looked like they dropped character and were simply in awe of the awesome job peter was doing."

Word, word, word. And you are so right, it WAS therapeutic.

I don't know about ya'll but I'm dreading when, after the will is read, Glo returns to 'work' at Jabot. She was a pain in the ass before, she's going to be really insufferable. Gag.

Dee said...



Dee said...



jcleopatra said...

Darn, love ur blog as usual. I'm dropping by because I've made a Lily and a Daniel and Lily myspace. I know there is lots of Dily love here, so if anyone wants to drop by or be added as a friend, c'mon:

Darn said...

Those sites are gorgeous, jcleo. If I had a myspace I would totally friend you. Long Live Dily!

And you guys are golden and the only reason I do this thing. Muuuuuuch love.

Damn, Dee, they gave it to you good, didn't they? Can't wait to watch my tape and get a look at Dru's dress. We'll see whether or not I'm breathing afterward.

jfdb said...

Maybe the best part right now is that you eviscerate with Faithful Zapato at your side. That's as good as God being on your side.

Bow down to Zapato! Gloria, you are not worthy. Lick Zapato's paws, DO IT!

I think I've lost my mind, but anyways Darn, bravo. Hellfire and damnation upon those who try to punk the Abbotts.

Dee said...

Damn, Dee, they gave it to you good, didn't they? Can't wait to watch my tape and get a look at Dru's dress. We'll see whether or not I'm breathing afterward.

Chiiiiiiiiiile, Drucilla, Jack, Ashley, Victor, & Noah all rocked today.

Yes, NOAH. Ignorin The Giggly Heffa and gettin brolic with Abby? OMFGAMEN.

You gone love it Darnell. LOVE. IT.

smartyshorts said...

I second that emotion , Dee.
I was questioning my orientation for a minute!

Dee said...

You weren't the only one Smarty.

...And since VR has no problem smoochin chicks? Yeah. lol